Donation to the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre


The Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre receives grant from Shikshya Foundation Nepal to accommodate more patients injured in the earthquake.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal has made a $10,250 USD (10,40,000 Nepalese Rupees) contribution to the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) in Kavre, Nepal. Shikshya Foundation Nepal’s contribution to the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre is specifically to aid in the expansion of SIRC facilities and treatment for new patients who were injured during the earthquake. Our contribution will go directly towards the treatment and rehabilitation of 50 new patients with spinal injuries caused by the earthquake and their complete medication requirements for 3 months. It will also pay for 32 new wheelchairs specific to the patients’ needs, 10 new beds, 10 mattresses and 20 pillows. The rehabilitation services at SIRC are subsidized for all patients, with the most deserving patients receiving almost free treatment. Our contribution will help subsidize the cost of treatment, thus allowing even the poorest and most marginalized patients with spinal cord injuries to receive the best treatment available. As with all recipients of funds from Shikshya Foundation Nepal, SIRC has agreed to full transparency and accountability of expenditures and has also agreed that all of the funds will go directly towards treating victims of the earthquake.

The SIRC is the only center in Nepal that caters exclusively to the needs of patients with spinal cord injuries and focuses on comprehensive rehabilitation. Spinal cord injuries in Nepal tend to happen more often to more marginalized populations. Victims of the earthquake are no exception – the earthquake had a far greater impact on poor individuals who were living or working in buildings that were not properly reinforced in Kathmandu and across the country. The recent earthquake made it clear that “the poorer you are, the harder you fall.”

The SIRC has been actively inspecting cases of spinal cord injuries throughout Kathmandu Valley hospitals since the earthquake occurred. SIRC expects 50 new spinal cord injury patient referrals within the next two weeks, but the total number of spinal cord injuries in the Kathmandu Valley alone is estimated to be in the hundreds. SIRC is planning for massive expansion of their facilities in order to cater to the high number of new patients in the coming weeks.

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