Contribution to Nepal Red Cross Society


Shikshya Foundation Nepal has made a $20,000 contribution to the Nepal Red Cross Society for immediate disaster relief efforts in Nepal.

We, at Shikshya Foundation Nepal, would like to thank you all for your enduring patience and generosity. The outpour of support for the Nepal earthquake relief efforts has been both encouraging and heartwarming. Due to recent directives released by the Nepal Government regarding the transfer of international aid to Nepal, there has been some confusion among those involved in the relief efforts. While we are still waiting to see final clarification from the Nepal Government, we have an exciting announcement.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal has contributed $20,000 to the Nepal Red Cross Society. As the largest humanitarian organization in Nepal, their response to the earthquake was immediate and they continue to do incredible, lifesaving work on the ground across Nepal. The Nepal Red Cross Society has already deployed 2,200 volunteers across 41 districts in Nepal.

We are also in the process of finalizing arrangements with other local NGOs in Nepal for immediate relief assistance. However, the vast majority of the funds Shikshya Foundation Nepal raises will go towards the long term rebuilding process in Nepal, which will take months or years. Our focus will be primarily on sustainable rebuilding projects in rural areas.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal is committed to distributing 100% of the funds it raises directly to programs that will benefit the people who need assistance the most. We are also committed to full transparency and accountability of funds raised and distributed, which we will post publicly on our website. All of Shikshya Foundation Nepal’s board members, executives and staff volunteer their time and use personal resources for any costs incurred, which means that there are no overhead costs. Responsible grassroots development and rebuilding takes careful planning and execution, so the decisions cannot be made with haste. Thank you again for your patience and generosity.

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